Friday, February 19, 2010

Write Friday #7

How is your writing going?

As I've mentioned before, I have set aside Fridays as my writing day.


Writing is hard work. And, dash it all, writing's lonely sometimes!

I know deep down I want to do it, but I can think of few activities that come with such a long list of liabilities, including: not knowing if you're wasting your time, not knowing if the piece will "turn out," not knowing what you're actually trying to say, wondering if anyone else would actually find what you're saying interesting, wondering if you make any sense at all, wondering "if it's worth it"...

...but then I try to take a deep breath...

...and, this time, I think of something my father tells us, which is: celebrate everything.

So, today I am celebrating the 483 words I wrote on that essay that I've been researching. I don't know if they are good words or lame words, of if they'll even appear in the final essay (or, frankly, if there will be a final essay!)--BUT--I wrote them. Mission accomplished: there they are, staring back at me, blinking in the bright light of my monitor like some kind of newborn...well, newborn something.

What about your writing are you going to celebrate today? Starting a new piece? Revising an old piece? Jotting down an idea for a new poem, essay, novel? Getting something published? Simply taking thirty, twenty, even ten minutes for yourself and writing a few words, words that you can now think about and wonder about and look at and say: I got away with it one more time--I wrote!--?


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