Thursday, June 30, 2011

13 Things You Get Free at the Library; New Local Lit Mag Calls for Submissions


Perhaps you have seen the article, "13 Things You Pay For That Your Library Has For Free" at SF If not, check out this quick read and consider all your local libraries do for you and our community. Click here.

Also: have you heard about Sacramento's newest literary magazine, Under the Gum Tree? The folks at the mag say this about their new project: "Under the Gum Tree is a storytelling project, publishing creative nonfiction in the form of a micro-magazine. We believe in the power of sharing a story without shame. Too much of the human experience gets hidden behind constructed facades based on what we perceive the world expects from us. Stop hiding. Live a story. Tell it without shame. And by without shame, we mean that the authors and contributors featured in our pages own their story, even the ugly parts, and share it with pure, unadulterated, raw, candid vulnerability."

If you write creative nonfiction and want to support this local publication, the submission period for the first issue ends very soon (if memory serves, which it may not, I think it's TODAY), so quick! Submit! The homepage is at, but you can skip to the submission requirements here.

Happy writing!


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