Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tools for dreaming about the new year

Dear friends,

Some interesting tools have found their way to me that I wanted to share with you.

The first is a website a friend turned me onto, reverb10. It's designed as an activity to do all December that helps you to think through the year that's ending and envision what you want your next year to be. While the month is almost over, the writing/thinking prompts would still be useful as 2011 gears up.

From reverb10, I found my way to It's based on the Julia Cameron "morning pages" idea (an idea others have had, too), but it uses different types of analytics to give you sometimes useful, mostly just fun data about what you write in it. It's private (purportedly) and tracks your progress as you strive to write 750 words per day. I decided to use it to input my responses to the reverb10 prompts.

Also from reverb10, I found my way to the website of a creative consultant named Jeffrey Davis, and he's got some articles up here about setting goals as a creative person, called "New Year's Goals for No-Goals Creatives." It's pretty neat. He is all about actively trying to allow for and incorporate more wonder into one's life. He does a lot with yoga and creativity (that's for my yoga leaders and lovers out there!).

The reverb10 prompts for December 22 through 31 link out to other kinds of useful tools and ideas for actively and/or passively creative people, and you might find some of them very interesting.

I hope you find this even a little bit useful. If not, well, then, just know I am thinking of all of us who love to create and/or support others in their creativity by appreciating it…and I am looking forward to watching us all grow in 2011 and to supporting each other as we do it!

With warmest wishes for the coming year,


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