Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Remembering Sacramento Poet Quinton Duval

Local poets celebrate and remember Quinton Duval
Wednesday, July 7 at the Sacramento Room at 6pm

828 I Street, 2nd Floor
Host: Bob Stanley

Bring any poem for, by, or about Quinton

The Best Days

The sun was an old ball
in those days. The moon
was a dish of milk
in a blue night on sheets.
We were always thirsty
then. Wine flowed red
in our hearts. Love
was the way we felt
all over, every minute.
I’m not complaining
about now. I’m just lost
and not getting any help.
No one can break
the time we spent
together. We remember
the pink mud house,
startled cypresses
flickering in rain.
The morning we awoke
to the sound of summer
beating across the desert
driving clouds before it.
There is one half a red kiss
on your cup there
where you left it. It’s still
warm because you just left.
This is a good day, maybe
one of the best. I don’t know
for now. Those good days
are inside us, in heaven,
whatever you want to say.
They are more or less
gone, like you driving
to work, like me sitting here
with nothing to say
that isn’t too ordinary or sad.

from Dinner Music

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