Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Dear friends,

Do you feel a special burden on Valentine's Day because you're a writer? Do you feel like that special someone expects a card worthy of the Pulitzer, simply because you've written a sonnet or two in your time?

I don't feel this burden, and I simply avoid the issue by giving food, not cards! However, I do think Valentine's Day is a great excuse for revisiting one of the holy grails of poetry--the love poem. I'm going to try to write one this weekend, for the heck of it. If you write one, and you want to share it, post it in a comment for all of us to enjoy!

Happy hearts--!


  1. Fire

    The sunlight's sheen
    Seemed to light your brown-red hair ablaze
    With brilliant, dazzling fire lights,
    Sparks, shimmers.

    The green depths of your eyes,
    So striking, so true,
    Caught my gaze,
    Caught my heart,
    And would not release me,
    Will not,
    Even til this day.

    The sun-warmed apricot glow of your skin
    As it caught the reflected blaze, like fire,
    Of that copper silk dress,
    The vintage dress, shoulder pads removed,
    Your own shoulders stronger, broader, finer
    Than any dressmaker's dream,
    Coppery silk dotted with tiny green birds' eyes
    Gazing sharp down its pleated length--
    That blaze reflecting in your own fine features,
    That dress following your own fine form--
    And I was smitten
    With a wound to the heart that I bless,
    That I will carry precious with me to my grave.

    Still, now, thirty years on,
    When I see you across the room
    Across the table
    Across whatever distance or nearness
    Or in my own mind's eye, I see this yet:
    The green in your eyes, the glow of your skin,
    And the fire of the sun in your hair
    As when I first saw you
    In that bird's-eye copper silk dress.

  2. Wallace, look at you! Thanks for sharing this lovely piece with us!

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