Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Friday, 11/13: poetry/dance/music at Guild Theater--and I'm reading!

Hello writers,

If you're looking for some great words and performing arts, come to the Guild Theater in Sacramento this Friday night, 11/13, from 6 to 11 PM.

Here's the lineup I was given. Come by and say hi--I'll be reading between 6 and 7 PM!

(for questions, contact Terry Moore at

6 to 7 pm
Jim Nolt
Emmanuel Sigauke
Bari Kennedy
Kate Asche
Danny Romero
Anna Marie

7 to 8 pm
Frank Withrow
Lawrence Dinkins
Sam Pierstorff
Quinton Duval

8 to 9pm – Music by LSB, and vocalist Carla Fleming, Dance by Justice

9 to 10pm
Kathleen Lynch
Brad Buchanan
Terry Moore

10 to 11pm
Phoenix Reign
Bob Stanley

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